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We don’t have a screen in our bathroom window. After you take a shower, you leave the window open to clear out the steam. However, this meant we had flies in the apartment pretty much all summer. This week I noticed that it has finally been cold enough that we don’t have a fly inside. Mission accomplished.

There are a lot of poems about flies: William Blake, Charles Bukowski, Emily Dickinson and so on. If a fly wrote a poem about a human, I bet it would be like H.P. Lovecraft describing Cthulhu, but with a fly swatter.

What do you think you look like a monster to?

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2 thoughts on “BLIND to BLUE – Page 7

  1. Hello..Thank you for the ‘like’. I really was surprised by your blog. Fine work and unique..I thoroughly enjoyed it..I quote J. Seinfeld..’I just stand there making intelligent comments about fairly mundane with ‘commodoties’ folks cannot get enough..what they recognize..fine work..Peace Tony 🙂

  2. Thank you Tony, that’s very nice to say.

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