Spruce Tip Syrup (with Autumn Giles)


Full comic HERE.



Full comic featured on Mount Hope Magazine

Verse, Stripped: A Poetry Comics Exhibition

Comics featured in gallery and slideshow

Bones (with Melissa Broder)

Full comic featured on The Rumpus

Toddlers & Tiaras & Vermin

Full comic featured on TheTHE Poetry

Game for Anything (with Matthea Harvey)

Full comic in Loaded Bicycle


An ongoing series at Moonshot Magazine.

Blind to Blue


Full comic featured in but.if.and.that‘s Decomposing Summer

raccoon renaissance

The Manila Envelope Society

Via The Daily Cross Hatch

Münchhausen Children

Munchhausen Children pg. 1
Full comic featured in Bateau

Party Time by Autumn Giles

Flea Circus

Flea Circus
Via At Large Magazine

Count the Words in the Alphabet

Full comic featured in LUMINA Vol. 8

Color Theory

Candy For Dinner #3

Candy For Dinner #2

Candy For Dinner #1

Graphic Poems

Ant Jar


Laika & Qubit

The Weredog

Fixing Lichtendtein

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