Flea Circus

Flea Moleskin

At Large Magazine (good stuff, good people) has one of my comics up.  I’m the, uh, Paul Tunis tooth.  They left out the “k.” but that’s alright. 

I recently facebook friended the other two Paul Tunises out there.  Paul Tunis of Lancaster, PA accepted though we have yet to “poke” each other.  I figure I friended first, etiquette dictates he be the initial poker.  Ball’s in your court, buster. 

As of this date a Mr. “Paul Tunis” of Fort Lauderdale, FL has not approved my fake-internet-friendship.  This, I think most will agree, gives me the right to publicly slander him.  Paul Tunis is a vile rapscallion with an unnatural fondness for sex-style intercourses with the fathers of terminally ill children while dressed as Santa.  I don’t much care for Paul Tunis nor do I condone his rakish lust-practices, and hope he meets a violently painful end.

I hope he regularly googles our name. (You know what I want to make the lies stop.)

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