FLU Season – Dive Back to the Petri Dish

FLU is back! Uhhh… that sounds pandemic-y. I don’t mean the flu. Although, you probably shouldn’t expose children or the elderly to this either.

Recently, I returned to a project I started before the summer, a non-narrative comic experiment titled ‘FLU.’ During most projects, I convince myself that I’m doing a bad job, and kick a couch and quit (explore early blog for examples). That was the case with FLU. But a couple weeks ago, I came back and really liked what I was making. It wasn’t the junky, ill-conceived disaster I remembered, it was pretty incredible. So I endeavored to get back into the sweet jacuzzi of FLU. Again, this isn’t a jacuzzi of flu in this metaphor.

But it’s been a while, I had to take a couple stabs to get character continuity. It was always my intention to have the characters move between detailed and cartoon styles depending on the circumstances. So, first page back, I took on a detail closeup of the protagonist. I thought I had nailed it here:

The character ended up having a Rachel Weisz quality that I thought worked great with what I had already done. Days of self-satisfied back-patting went by, then I looked closer at the previous character drawings:



Uhhh… that’s not the same face at all. From a bone-structure level, they have completely different skulls even! It was clear that the face was way off. I’m awful at continuity, I never learned how to be good at drawing, so…

I started whittling down her skull, new nose, new chin, new jawline and eyebrows.

Two or three hours later, I’ve gotten here:
Much improved, but now she may be prettier than I want. Hmm….

BUT HEY, do you think I got a face match? Would you arrest her from the police sketch? Or does she need some more Bridalplasty?

NEXT WEEK, expect a new online five page comic. The first full comic I’ve posted here in almost two years!

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