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I’m very excited to have a poetry comic in the newest issue of MOUNT HOPE.


The comic entitled MOTHMAN prominently features the mothman, a winged creature that I’m a little obsessed with. A large part of the legend of the mothman is that it appears before, and possibly causes, massive tragedies. Most notably the Silver Bridge collapse. Following other large scale disasters, there tend to be people claiming to have seen the mothman just prior. It could be post traumatic hysteria, people just trying to explain a frightening catastrophe or someone looking for attention. In any case, they are fascinating claims.

In a weird but completely random coincidence, while I was making this comic, Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast. I live in Queens, New York, and was fortunate to not be directly affected. I did include some of the aftermath that was around me in the comic in tone and a couple images. Usually, I feel that my work isn’t dealing with my immediate surroundings, but looking back at this comic I can see how those Sandy shaped my choices and what I was processing.

Anyway! It’s a great comic, go read it.

Do you process disaster by seeing monsters or drawing them? Tell me in the comments.

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