Bumblebee Physics – Sophie

Here’s Sophie, another narrator of Bumblebee Physics, see also Spraggins.

For a short time I worked as a publicist. I wasn’t very good at it. I don’t like repeatedly bothering people, and that’s most of the gig. While trying to wrap up Bumblebee Physics, I have found an old query letter I wrote but never sent, during my publicity job. It’s got some awesomely bad publicist-style writing. Here’s how I described Sophie:

Sophie, a teen cellist, whose wit and snark can’t seem to capture her parents’ attention causing her to up the stakes. Perhaps they’ll notice when she—with the help of an old wives’ tale—tries to seduce the devil.”

What?! The devil? Hook alert. Like all good publicity writing, it is only partially true, but written in the most, wait, what? kind of way. For the record, the devil doesn’t make a literal appearance, it isn’t Twilight with Satan… dammit I should have written that book instead.

What mythic creature would you get lusty with in your YA book? Mermaids, bigfeet, skin-walkers, chupacabre? Tell me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Bumblebee Physics – Sophie

  1. Dinocroc?

  2. monkeypunchdinosaur on said:


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