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I’m in Arizona, seeing people and people’s pets (my sister’s dog had a rough year which included liver surgery).

While visiting some old friends last night, I was giving some unsolicited “life coaching.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek thing that I slip into on occasion because I think the concept of me giving other people life advice with any authority is ironic and inherently funny. Typically, it focuses on things people want to do but aren’t making progress toward. I think this is the most humorous to me because I often get stuck in my own shiftlessness. The mock life coaching went on longer than usual and after a little time I found myself in the strange position of actually giving people legitimate solicited advice. It’s odd to realize that you have a useful perspective or knowledge that could be helpful to anyone. This, unfortunately, makes it less funny.

Have you ever woken up to realize someone isn’t a raccoon? Tell me about it in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “BLIND to BLUE – Page 8

  1. I’m usually impressed by your work, but this one has completely captivated me. I wish I had this as a print, hanging above my nightstand. Last night I dreamed that I aided a friend (deceased now for several years) by lying for him after he robbed a bank. Then I turned on him, and felt really bad about it, because I knew that he had committed suicide, and this would only make things worse. But not. I woke up to the sound of Sesame Street and rain, and thought that the mix of strange emotions was quite fascinating and eerie and remarkable, somewhat akin to your artwork above.

  2. efrim brandt on said:

    Ironic, indeed; possessing a perspicacious propensity yet often unwilling to follow one’s own advice. . . Being the verbose little autodidact that I am, I can relate. But i could use a little coaching myself, right now. Your comments reminded me of this. I wanted you to review my little sci-phi manuscript (OK; it’s not little). I ‘m not sure exactly why (the smell your art maybe) but as far back as November of last yr I wanted to run a few things by you. Anyway, hit me up if you’ve got a minute. Or, depending on how long you’re in AZ, come see me in Flagstaffia. . . How’s your sis and the fam, by the way?
    Efrim B.

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