Pesky – I Don’t Draw Enough Monsters

When I was very young, my mother, sister and I would go to the public library fairly regularly. There were several books that I would compulsively check out every time I could. Usually, books with big pictures (couldn’t read yet) of haunted castles or spooky creatures. One of which I recently came across online, One Monster After Another by Mercer Mayer. This book, along with Brian Froud’s pop-up book Goblins, greatly informed an early fascination with monsters.

The images from Mayer’s book were all vividly familiar, even though I hadn’t seen them for 25 years. I must have spent hours memorizing every detail. It made me sad to realize that I don’t draw anything I would would have liked when I was three. I don’t draw enough monsters.

Here is a monster. It ended up looking similar to my sister’s dog. The drawing also became unintentionally similar in style to a much more talented monster artist, John Kenn.

If you decide to draw something you liked as a child let me know or post a link in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Pesky – I Don’t Draw Enough Monsters

  1. I liked drawing swords, all sizes and types, my entire notebook in 3rd grade was sworded all up.

    Love it P-Tunis,


  2. Thank you, buddy. You should find the notebook and scan it in.

  3. Guess Who on said:

    You’re correct. It does look like your sister’s dog. But who’s the girl in the low-waist dress? I liked drawing arrows. Yes, that’s right, always looking for direction and which way to go.


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