raccoon renaissance – Prisoner’s Constraint (full comic)

raccoon renaissance
eunice, moreover i, never saw a raccoon renaissance
since, nor a neon moon rise so serious no crow
can vie. eunice can mime
mosses or oozes, rear in a swarm-o-
uneasiness, even crane in a worm’s manner.

our zaniness moves enormous as viruses.

eunice was never a moose, a raven or a unicorn. i was.
we murmur our universes in unison.

This poem was written using the oulipian prisoner’s constraint. This constraint prohibits you from using letters with arms or tails (b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, or y).

The comic was an introductory attempt for me to start using constraints in my graphic-poems. Constraint produced comics are the hallmark of the OuBaPo. I felt the comics equivalent of the prisoner’s constraint would be to make a comic that did not have any portion of any character outside of the frame. This, however, did not prove very constraining and wasn’t a very difficult challenge. I’m still happy with the result but will have to attempt something more limiting in the future.

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