Lil Wayne vs. the Kraken

In honor of each’s release, a flarfy repartee between natural enemies, a rapper and a sea monster.

Lil Wayne vs. the Kraken

The Kraken says hi!
Lil Wayne says he’s a martian…
The Kraken says in his squidlike voice “there there, have some of my squid juice!”
Lil Wayne says “if it’s too nasty spit it back at me.”
The Kraken says “Nom!” because he broke the floor XD
Lil Wayne Says, “I Would Make Prostitution Legal In About 5 More States”
Lil Wayne says, “slam my fingers”
The Kraken says, ‘All men have their price’
Lil Wayne Says Marijuana Odor Helps the Sale of His Condo
The Kraken says: IS THAT NOT LOL IT’S LOLZ.
Lil Wayne says… I’m not dead.
The kraken says: Mmmm. Ships. Good eatin’.
Lil Wayne Says “The World Will End In 2012″
The Kraken says that one day, at the end of the world, it will awake to help in the destruction of the world.
Lil Wayne Says Obama Heralds The End Of The World
The Kraken says that in order to win this struggle it is sometimes necessary to go within oneself in order to dive deeply in the subconscious (lower ocean) in order to expose blockages and fears so that we can then defeat them.
Lil Wayne says, “I Don’t Read!”
The kraken says, “That this whale had bones, so I can sluuuuuurp off all the meatsies.”
Lil Wayne says “I read my bible everyday”
The Kraken says: Nom. Nom. Nom..
Lil Wayne Says Stay in School.
The Kraken says: Fish and Ships. *noms on seamen*
Lil Wayne Says Childbirth Is Nasty & Wonderful!
The kraken says: ”RnB is better”
Lil Wayne says the reason why he quit doing coke is because it was giving him zits and messing up his complexion.
The Kraken says: This is WRONG, JUST PLAIN WRONG !!! LOL.
Lil Wayne Says “I Am The Only One He Kisses”
The Kraken says “Mjauu”
Lil Wayne says no homo
The Kraken says: That mustache screams, “Hey there, Looks like you just got out of cheer practice, let me buy some smirnoffs”
Lil Wayne Says Hes In the Illuminati!
The Kraken says: Continuity is a major plus +++++++ We all know everything starts at the line of scrimage, fix and develop the O-Line and D-Line first, we have enough young skilled players.
Lil Wayne says watch more soccer.
Lil Wayne says he is not coming out until you guys are ready to go crazy.
The Kraken says, “not really — we’re adobted ; )”
Lil Wayne says oh kimosabe big ballin is my hobbie in the song we be steady mobbin

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