Local Man Demands Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie Contest

Keep Smiling

Upon learning that a previous blog post featured a link to The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, local man Aaron Neber insisted on a public challenge. “You should make people watch the whole thing,” said Neber, then added, “It’s awful.”  Seeing as how I am very susceptible to absurd whims, I present the first ever “Death By Orphans Video Brain Damage Contest!”

Here’s how to play:

The film is chopped into 12 youtube videos, the first of which can be found here. To prove that you had the endurance to watch the entire film you must complete this quiz:

Death By Orphans Film Contest

Anyone who takes the quiz will automatically receive a signed and personalized hi-res jpeg of me impersonating a sexy Macaulay Culkin.  This will be sent to your email provided you entered it at the end of the quiz. Those able to answer most of the questions correctly will also receive by mail a Death By Orphans Prize Pack containing: several authentic Garbage Pail Kids cards, a stick of Garbage Pail Kids gum, a Death By Orphans button, an ‘I’m with Aaron Neber’ do-it-yourself instant photo kit and other secret treasures*. "I'm with Aaron" Do-it-yourself Instant Photo Kit

Special thanks to Samantha for donating the cards, gum and painstakingly making all the buttons.
Also, thanks to Autumn for the instant Aaron pictures.

FUN FACT: The Garbage Pail Kids card series was the brain child of Pulitzer-Prize winning author/cartoonist Art Spiegelman.

*print out diplomas available upon request only

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