Alien vs. Predator: The Musical – Update: Poetry and Predators

Poet Predator

First off, an addendum to the argument for the cultural necessity of Alien vs. Predator: The Musical as proposed in Alien vs. Predator: Gender Politics.

At least two poems have been featured prominently enough entitled Alien vs. Predator to be considered as having literary merit.

The more widely known and, perhaps undeservedly, applauded is by the talented Michael Robbins and can be found in The New Yorker. This poem to draw topically little from its title, but uses the novelty and kitsch to spin in a little jazz throughout the poem. I like the whale on stilts.

The other poem is by Christopher Monks and can be found on the McSweeney’s online. A poem, though smaller in scope, more interestingly plays with the spectrum of conflict and competition. This poem tries to engage with the rich energy of the Alien vis-à-vis Predator franchise.

IN FILM NEWS: Variety reports that some Nimrod is now set to direct the upcoming Predators set for release in 2010. “If it can live up to AnaconDAS, I’m all for it,” said Aaron Neber when reached for comment. He continued, “Technically it’s Anacondas: Search for the Blood Orchid, but colloquially known as Anacondas.”

Nimrod Atal is the director of the upcoming Armored, and the Luke Wilson vehicle Vacancy. I haven’t seen Vacancy but it’s a hotel horror film so I’m guessing it goes like this. Robert Rodriguez, director of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, and The Faculty, will be the producer and will help write the screenplay.

What’s this mean for AVP:TM fans out there? Basically the band is breaking up. Not unlike when George Michael left Wham, but this isn’t over, far from it. The “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” reunion tour can still happen. Predator will come back, licking his badly rendered, CGI wounds. This to we shall overcome.

Also, this is fun.

An Update UPDATE: Looks like Alien is also considering going solo. This is good, now it’s more like when Outcast put out separate albums.

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3 thoughts on “Alien vs. Predator: The Musical – Update: Poetry and Predators

  1. Or just maybe the title is meant to function as a metaphor? You think maybe the words “alien” & “predator” might have resonance in American culture beyond the film? You clearly don’t know anything about poetry, but you wanna explain what’s “unexceptional” about the piece except that you don’t know how to read it?

  2. robsaucedo2500 on said:

    Dude, love your blog. Consider me a loyal reader.

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