The Skinny: Commencement… and Wu-Tang

An update long in coming:
I have finished up my Master’s degree and was lucky enough to speak at the Commencement.  The Sarah Lawrence website has posted the video of the speeches, which includes those of both myself and a Mr. Rahm Emanuel.  Thanks to all those out there for their kind words regarding my podium work.

 Some Crackerjacker-y:
On occasion I cavort with the rag-tag gang that is Crackerjack Pictures. 
My buddy Matt just finished up this short:

Tagged Smoking Ads:
If you commute in New York much you probably already know Marie, Bronx, NY.  She is seen throughout the subway system holding up her hands, which are missing several knuckle segments in a pointedly cautionary way.  There is also a series of TV spots featuring her as well (my favorite part is the rusty bone saw image).

What is so amusing about this anti-smoking campaign is how it completely fails to explain why Marie has suffered “20 amputations,” and what connection that has to smoking, leaving everyone more confused than educated.  The consensus among those I’ve spoken to is that she must have also had diabetes, or some other disease that limited or restricted her circulation.  But this would have developed independently of her smoking habit.

Two things: One, you shouldn’t have to find odd and dramatic instances of smoking related maladies to show people.  Some of the real things that happen are weird and disturbing enough.  Two, by not giving all of the information about why Marie is missing pieces you are with holding important information that might help people, and isn’t the withholding of lifesaving information what makes the tobacco companies into such monsters?  Is it really that intelligent put out a random and threatening images without any context?

I bring all this up because I need it to justify why I think it is so funny that the other day I saw someone had tagged “Wu-Tang!!” over her hand gesture on one of the many Union Square posters.


At any rate, you should probably stop smoking.




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2 thoughts on “The Skinny: Commencement… and Wu-Tang

  1. remember when ODB asked to be called “big baby jesus?” HINT HINT.

  2. I’m glad to finally find the reasons why this ad campaign is foolish stated so articulately. My brother, after seeing it during his recent stay, brought up the exact same question, and we spent the entire time debating what this strange malady could be.

    Oh, by the way, I’ll be back in NYC June 17th. Make all necessary preparations.

    INDICHIK.COM (Viral marketing commences)

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