The Skinny: Leaping Launches!

Steve Almond, Sloan Crosley, Linda Gregg, Phillip Lopate, Ben Greenman, Ilya Kaminsky, J.R. Solonche, Karol Nielsen, Esom Kim, Tria Andrews, Peter Kahn, Jay Kauffman, F. Daniel Rzizcznek, Carla Gericke, M.R.B. Chelko, Kerry Krouse, Paul Gibbons, Leora S. Fridman, Michael Hemery, Jeff Simpson, Peter Moore, Jon Irwin, Kate Johnson, Paul K. Tunis, Autumn Giles.Capital News!  The literary magazine Lumina just launched its eighth issue yesterday.  Quite impressive content and a pretty snazzy look to boot.  It contains a number of talented contributors (please refer to the pink names above), including myself.  I can’t thank the editors enough for choosing to include one of my comic poems in the issue as well as approaching me to design a promotional postcard (the thing with the pink names) for the book, it was quite an honor.  They are for sale on the line.


In other launch news, the good folks at At Large have also dropped their newest and very boss installment, At Large Magazine’s Mixtape: A-Sides!  Give it a peek, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy, it never disappoints.


More as the swine flu epidemic develops.

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One thought on “The Skinny: Leaping Launches!

  1. “Very boss” is darn tootin’. It’ll come right up to your desk and ask you “Niina, why are you googling ‘white suit’ instead of doing that spreadsheet?”

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