My Sister Texts Like William Carlos Williams

By Samantha A. Tunis edited by Paul K. Tunis

Vikings stuck their coin loot to their chest and armpit hair with wax
It fell off when they fought

Your mom’s lame
My mom can take your mom
My mom was raised with the Indians
My mom rode dirt bikes in the desert barefooted
I’m telling the truth too
I’m sorry you made me hit you
I smell like diaper rash ointment
Everything I touch is greasy
And snap peas are the greatest thing ever invented
I think you give me too much credit
What if I had a lazy eye?
Would I cover it with a post-it eye patch
It’s self-stick if you cut it right
They come in all colors and you can draw on it with crayon.

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2 thoughts on “My Sister Texts Like William Carlos Williams

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